Welcome to the Word on the Hills website. Here you will find an archive of radio programs first broadcast on Northumberland 89.7 FM, introduced by your co-hosts Felicity Sidnell Reid and Gwynn Scheltema. The series was initiated in the fall of 2013 and  so we are entering our eighth year in 2021. In the past year we were pleased to welcome Chris Cameron to our production and hosting team, primarily as our editor but also as a third host on the show.

Each week we visit with a local author, are introduced to their work and get a glimpse into their lives. We find out what drives them to write and why they choose to express themselves in poetry or in prose, by writing fiction, non-fiction or plays. And we invite them to read from their work. Please join us.


© PatriciaCalder 2014-2

Photo by Patricia Calder

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