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© PatriciaCalder 2014-9

Photo by Patricia Calder


February   3rd   2019   E504    Fifth Anniversary!

February  10th  2019   E505    Carolyn Helfenstein

February  17th  2019   E506    Drew Monkman

February  24th  2019   E507   David McKay

March  3rd  2019          E508   Melody Crowe

March  10th 2019         E509    Lana Pickering

March  17th 2019          E510    Robert Mikel

March  24th 2019          E511    Shane Joseph

March 31st  2019           E512    Jennifer Bogart

April 7th   2019              E513    Collage to celebrate Poetry Month

April 14th 2019              E514    Antony di Nardo

April 21st 2019               E515    Katie Hoogendam

April 28th 2919              E516     Gil McElroy

May  5th  2019                E517     Jan Thornhill

May  12th 2019               E518     Janice Gannon

May 19th  2019               E519     Marie-Lynn Hammond

May 26     2019                E520     Linda Hutsell Manning

June 2nd 2019                 E521     Women Killing It 

June 9th 2019                  E522      Stephen Skyvington

June 16th 2019                E523      John Cosway

June 23rd  2019               E524      Christopher Black

June 30th  2019                E525     Janet Kellough

July  7th    2019                 E526    Eric E Wright

July 14th 2019                   E527     Patricia Calder

July 21st  2019                   E528     Vicki Delany

July 28th  2019                  E529    Tom Kerr

August 4th 2019               E530     Heather Chisvin

August 11th   2019           E531     Jessica Outram

August  18th  2019            E532   Cynthia Reyes

August 25th   2019            E533    Kim Aubrey

September 8th 2019         E534    Ruth Clarke

September 15th  2019      E535  Christopher Cameron 

Sept. 22nd and 29th         E536   Allison Townsend and Reva Nelson\

October 6th 2019              E537  Jennifer Bogart and K.D. Miller

October 13th 2019            E538  David Newland

October 20th 2019            E539  Shane Joseph

October  27th 2019           E540  Linda Hutsell Manning

November 3rd 2019         E541  Matthew KIng 

November 10th 2019        E542  Greg Kieszowski

November 17th 2019       E543  Kate Rogers

November 23rd 2019      E544  Caroline Everson

December 1st 2019          E545  S.M. Hurley

December 8th 2019         E546   Holidays: Episode 1

December 15th 2019       E547  Holidays: Episode 2

December 22nd 2019      E548  Holidays: Episode 3

December 29th 2019       E549 Janet Stobie 

January 5th  2020            E601  James Ronson

January 12th 2020           E602  Laurie Scott

January 19th 2020           E603  Donna Wootton

January 26th 2020           E604 Robin Timmerman  

February 2nd 2020          E605 Thomas Gannon Hamilton

February 9th 2020            E606 Seven Years In

February  16th 2020        E607 J. D. Carpenter

February 23rd 2020        E608  Remembering Eric Winter

March !st  2020                E609  Vanessa Westermann

March 8th  2020               E610   Anne Marshall

March 15th 2020              E611   Christopher Cameron

March 22nd 2020             E612   Ted Amsden

March 29th  2020             E613   Gwynn Scheltema

April 5th  2020                  E614   Katie Hoogendam

April 12th 2020                 E615   Anne-Marie Burrus

April 19th 2020                 E616   Marion Fuessel

April 26th 2020                 E617   Susan Gillis

May 3rd  2020                    E617  Ronald Mackay

May 10th 2020                   E 619  Judy Fong Bates

May 17th 2020                   E620   Shane Joseph 220

May 24th 2020                    E621  Cynthia Reyes and Hamlin Grange

May 31st  2020                    E622  Carole Payne

June 7th  2020                     E623  Karen Ralley

June  14th 2020                   E624  Jan Thornhill

June 21st 2020                     E625 Erika Rummel

June  28th 2020                   E 626 Bruce Kauffman  

July  5th   2020                    E 627  Sharon Ramsay Curtis

July 12th  2020                     E628  Vicki Delany

July 19th 2020                      E629  Jessica Outram

July 26th 2020                      E629  Heather M. O’Connor

August 2nd 2020                  E630  Dan Buchanan

August 9th 2020                   E631  S. M. Hurley

August 16th 2020                 E632  Vanessa Westermann

August  23rd  2020               E633 Liz Torlee

August 30th 2020                  E634  Ruth Clarke

September 6th  2020            E635  Michael Croucher

September 13th 2020           E636  Jessica Outram

September 20th 2020            E639  Ted Staunton

September 27th 2020            E640   Marie Prins

October 4th 2020                    E641   Shane Joseph

October 11th 2020                   E642  Kurt Palka

October 18th 2020                   E643 Antony Di Nardo

October 25th 2020                    E644  Laurie Ray Hill

November 1st 2020                  E645  Ronald Mackay

November 8th 2020                  E646  Erin Silver

November 15th 2020                E647  Conrad Beaubien

November 22nd 2020               E648   Janet Stobie 

November 29th 2020 E649 Kris Rennie

December 6th 2020 E650 Christopher Black

December 13th 2020 E651 Happy Holidays 1

December 20th 2020 E652 Happy Holidays 2

December 27th 2020 E653 Happy Holidays 3

January 3rd 2021 E800 Daryl Sneath

January 10th 2021 E801 Liesje Wagner

January 17th 2021 E802 Andrea Torrey Balsara

January 24th 2021 E803 Vicki Delany

January 31st 2021 E804 J. D. Carpenter

February 7th 2021 E805 Our Eighth Anniversary

February 14th 2021 E806 Carol Anne Judd

February 21st 2021 E807 Michael Croucher

February 28th 2021 E808 Cynthia Reyes and Hamlin Grange

March 7th 2021 E809 Library Heroes 2020-21 Part 1

March 14th 2021 E810 Library Heroes 2020-21 Part 2

March 21st 2021 E811 Ted Barris

March 28th 2021 E812 Ted Staunton

April 4th 2021 E813 Allan Briesmaster

April 11th 2021 E814 Marie-Lynn Hammond

April 18th 2021 E819 Reva Nelson

April 25th 2021 E820 Poets celebrate spring

May 2nd 2021 E821 Sue Reynolds

May 9th 2021 E822 Claire Mowat

May 16th 2021 E823 Heidi Croot

May 23rd 2021 E824 Marie Prins18th

May 30th 2021 E825 J D Carpenter

June 6th 2021 E826 Ronald Mackay

June 13th 2021 E827 Paddy Scott

June 20th 2021 E828 Jennifer Bogart

June 27th 2021 E829 Mandy Robinson

July 4th 2021 E830 Erin Silver

July 11th 2021 E831 Jane Kelly

July 18th 2021 E832 Kathryn Corbett

July 25th 2021 E833 Mark MacMillan

August 1st 2021 E833 Sharon Ramsay Curtis

August 8th 2021 E834 Dale Patterson

August 15th 2021 E835 Anne Marshall

August 22nd 2021 E836 Ken Morden

August 29th 2021 E837 Christopher Briggs

September 5th 2021 E838 Laurie Ray Hill

September 12th 2021 E839 Gwynn Scheltema & Felicity Sidnell Reid

September 19th 2021 E840 Terry Fallis

September 26th 2021 E841 P. J. Thomas

October 3rd 2021 E842 Jessica Outram

October 10th 2021 E843 Vicki Delany

October 17th 2021 E844 Richard M Grove and Shane Joseph

October 24th 2021 E845 Daryl Sneath

October 31st, 2021 E846 Ted Barris

November 7th 2021 E847 Ruth Clarke

November 14th 2021 E848 Artists’ Residencies with Ruth Walker, Jean Baird and sophie anne edwards

November 21st 2021 E849 Donna Wootton

November 28th 2021 E850 Paul N Mason

December 5th 2021 E851 Melody Crowe

December 12th 2021 E852 Karin Wells

December 19th 2021 E852 Holiday Readings 2021 Part 1

December 26th 2021 E853 Holiday Readings 2021 Part 2

January 2nd 2022 E854 Carol Anne Judd

January 9th 2022 E855 Terry Fallis

January 16th 2022 E856 Vicki Delany

January 23rd 2022 E857 Laurie Scott

January 30th 2022 E858 J.D. Carpenter

February 6th 2022 E859 Anniversary Show

February 13th 2022 E860 Carole Giangrande

February 20th 2022 E861 Shane Joseph

February 27th 2022 E862 Ronald Mackay

March 6th 2022 E863 Abigail Miller and Katie Kennedy

March 13th 2022 E864 Reva Nelson

March 20th 2022 E865 Pat Butler

March 27th 2022 E866 Paddy Scott

April 3rd 2022 E867 Jessica Outram

April 10th 2022 E868 Judita Pamfil

April 17th 2022 E869 Kate Rogers

April 24th 2022 E869 Antony di Nardo

May 1st 2022 E870 Ken Morden

May 8th 2022 E871 Vanessa Westermann

May 15th 2022 E872 Michael Daly

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