Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer lives in Prince Edward County, and works for the municipality as their Economic Development Officer. She is also the author of Spellbound: Inside West Africa’s Witch Camps, a work of non-fiction that capped nearly four years of freelance journalism, based largely in Ghana. She graduated from Carleton University with a degree in journalism and worked for the Globe & Mail and Toronto Star, falling in love with deadlines, turning complex ideas into plain prose, in depth research, crafting interview questions and developing an ear for delightful quotes. Her journalism has appeared in the Toronto Star, Washington Times, Sydney Morning Herald and South China Morning Post. Her fiction has appeared in Don’t Honk Twice: A Prince Edward County Anthology and the Dalhousie Review. These days, she writes a lot of emails and municipal reports, and sometimes writes short fiction, character sketches, outlines of potential books, and a radio play that was part of the Northumberland Festival of the Arts. 

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