Diane Taylor

Diane Taylor has had several careers as a medical lab tech, a teacher, a sailor and a writer. She   is the author of The Gift of Memoir and is well known as a workshop presenter and teacher of memoir writing. She started writing while sailing in the Caribbean because life on the ocean and in the islands was so fresh and immediate, she felt an urgent need to record it, to re-experience it in words. A book resulted: The Perfect Galley Book. Diane will give a workshop on writing a memoir of your own at the Spirit of the Hills Festival of the Arts on Saturday November 4th at St Peter’s Church in Cobourg. Tickets and information available at spiritofthehills.org

Part 1

Part 2


One thought on “Diane Taylor

  1. A very informative interview, Diane. As someone who has taken your workshop on writing memoir, I can wholeheartedly recommend that anybody with a desire to put even part of their life on record for themselves and their families, should attend the workshop that you’re offering in Cobourg at the Spirit of the Hills Festival of the Arts on 3rd and 4th of November, 2017. And, by the way, you have a remarkably good command of Doric (North-East Scots)! You read the episode between the author of “A Scotsman Abroad” and the Aberdeen doctor, very well indeed! Congratulations too, to Gwynn and Felicity — each of you has that remarkable talent to bring out the best in whoever you are speaking to. Thank you for a lovely, intersting and informative interview.

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