Ronald MacKay

Ronald MacKay talks about his second, recently published memoir, Fortunate Isle. Ron was born and raised in Scotland but, on leaving school, he travelled and worked in Spain and the Canary Islands for two years. Fortunate Isle is about his life in Tenerife, and his transition to adulthood.

Part 1

Part 2



18 thoughts on “Ronald MacKay

  1. Oh Mackay… Always amazing! Always brilliant! I am fortunate to have met such an especial person, teacher and writer as you. Definitely, Latin American blood makes its great home in your heart and veins.

    I read your book “Fortunate Island” and each one of the answers given to such a wonderful and well conducted interview, matches the message within it. I enjoyed the reference about “tongue and language”, very amusing, but at the same time very wise. I never thought of that before.

    Congratulation to Felicity and Gwynn for such a wonderful present to the audience! My best wishes to all.
    Big hug, dear friend.
    Nila Mendoza, from Venezuela.

  2. An excellent interview and superb readings. Two stories which I especially enjoyed when I read the book.
    Of course Felicity and Gwen always get the best out of those they interview.

  3. Fantastic interview, Ron. I really enjoyed every minute. Thank you very much for sharing. I am now even more anxious to read your next memoir on experiences in Argentina!

  4. As an Irish woman who currently lives in the same ‘fortunate island’ but in different times, listening to Ron’s experiences are fascinating. I arrived here as a single women in my late 30s, but at the end of the 20th century, and to Adeje, a cosmopolitan hub with over 120 different nationalities co-existing in peace and interesting harmony. I stayed and 18 years later work for the local council, and have made this isle my home. In fact, as a journalist, I am hoping to interview Ron when he next visits Tenerife, hopefully later this year.

  5. A very enjoyable interview. It was great to hear the author talk about his writing career, which will hopefully produce more such gems in the (many) years to come, as well as comment on this one with humour and passion. The interviewers did a good job, asking just the right sort of questions in an unobtrusive way.

  6. I finished Fortunate Isle shortly after listening to this interview ~ I read it with his brogue in my head, enhanced the final few chapters nicely. Realizing that this is a memoir of an 18 year old follow, whose astute remembrances of a pivotal time in his life is remarkable. That he didn’t have personal journals to refer to speaks of its impact. I too, can not wait for his next literary effort.

  7. Thank you Felicity and Gwynn for having captured essential information about Ron McKay’s appealing memoir ‘The Fortunate Isle’ in your interviews. The memories of the 18-year-old Ron , filtered through the cultivated and sophisticated mind of a mature Ron, yet still preserving their freshness and authenticity, make this book an enticing and captivating read. I keep recommending it warmly to friends and colleagues.
    Doina Lecca

  8. Felicity and Gwynn conducted a very professional interview. Soon into the session it became clear that both journalists knew precisely which questions to ask.
    Having enjoyed reading Ron’s Fortunate Isle, your interview was an excellent summary of his amazing story. Thank you.

  9. I was delighted to hear Ronalds interview and the history behind his story, which is written with clarity and imagination and which transports the reader into his amazing experiences. I marvel at his ability to recount events not only with such clarity but which also encumbered many different emotions, including humour, fear, embarrassment and humility. A wonderful interview.

  10. This was a wonderful interview. It is always a joy to hear professionals conduct a worthwhile conversation with a guest who has something to say, and prompting the interviewee to produce interesting and entertaining answers to a series of well-chosen questions. I especially enjoyed hearing Ron read the two extracts from his latest memoir, “Fortunate Isle.”

  11. A wonderful interview! As always, Gwynn and Felicity, you give your interviewees the space, comfort and good questions that allow them to shine. Ron’s wisdom and humanity as a person and an author come across well. And I love his mother’s wisdom too!

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