Happy New Year!

This week we wish you a Happy New Year with seasonal stories and poems.  Maureen Mullally reads a poem, written by her late husband, Brian, about a childhood mystery of her own, called TWO OLD GENTS. Then, Felicity tells a story based on the exploits of a donkey that she and her siblings were given as children, titled STAGESTRUCK. In the second half of the show, listen to Ron Mackay read about his experience of Christmas as a young man in Buena del Norte on Tenerife. And finally Gwynn shares her story of Christmas in Africa, MUSHROOMS AND MISTLETOE

Part 1

Part 2


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. You showed the essence of the children in an extraordinary way in that piece of literature. It was a magical act that nourishes the soul. Thanks a lot and congratulations, Mackay. A big hug for you and Viviana. Congratulations to such a nice radial space. Greetings to all from my beloved Venezuela. Nila Mendoza

  2. Ron, that was a charming Christmas story you read. The amount of material “left on the cutting-room floor,” on the advice of your publisher must have all kinds of treasures that were omitted from the final version of your Tenerife memoir. It was wonderful to hear this particular treasure. You read beautifully. Have you thought of producing an audio version of the book, read by yourself?

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