Happy New Year!

This week we wish you a Happy New Year with seasonal stories and poems.  Maureen Mullally reads a poem, written by her late husband, Brian, about a childhood mystery of her own, called TWO OLD GENTS. Then, Felicity tells a story based on the exploits of a donkey that she and her siblings were given as children, titled STAGESTRUCK. In the second half of the show, listen to Ron Mackay read about his experience of Christmas as a young man in Buena del Norte on Tenerife. And finally Gwynn shares her story of Christmas in Africa, MUSHROOMS AND MISTLETOE

Part 1

Part 2


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. You showed the essence of the children in an extraordinary way in that piece of literature. It was a magical act that nourishes the soul. Thanks a lot and congratulations, Mackay. A big hug for you and Viviana. Congratulations to such a nice radial space. Greetings to all from my beloved Venezuela. Nila Mendoza

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