Cassie Jeans and Miranda Sophia

Cassie Jeans is a best selling author, a dedicated leader of women who want to fully embrace all aspects of their soul and take full ownership of their lives. She is an advocate for the transformational power self-worth has in a woman’s life, and has a gift for eradicating self-doubt and limiting beliefs, using the power of words, practical step-by-step solutions and the wisdom of intuition.  Cassie is active on social media and hosts a weekly podcast called, In the Bedroom with Cassie Jeans – words that awaken the soul.  Miranda Sophia is a fierce believer in the sacredness of being human and all the experiences that come with it, she is devoted to getting to know herself in the deepest and most expansive ways in every experience, relationship and moment that life offers her. Through her courage and willingness to dance with her shadows, walk through the fire, and celebrate in her light, she stands as a beacon, a guide, a facilitator, a space holder and a sister for others to do the same.  She does this through her writing, women’s circles and retreats, yoga and meditation practices, workshops and the creation of gemstone jewellery.

Part 1:

Part 2


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