Patricia Calder

This week we interview  Patricia Calder, who started writing at age 11 in a Hilroy notebook, which she carried on field adventures. Always a lover of stories, she has taught literature, journalism, and creative writing in high schools, community colleges, and at York University. Since devoting herself full-time to writing, ten of her short stories and creative nonfiction pieces have been published, and early in 2015 she released her novel Roadblock. Since then Pat has written, and illustrated with her photographs, an account of her visit to Sable Island and now one about her visit to the Spirit Bears of the Great Rain Forest. Today we discuss her latest book, her career as a photographer and the photography contest she is running for the Spirit of the Hills Festival of the Arts.

Part 1

Part 2





2 thoughts on “Patricia Calder

  1. A very interesting and informative interview, Pat!
    Thanks to you and to Felicity and Gwynn.
    Best wishes,
    Ron and Viviana

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