Heather Chisvin

This week we are rebroadcasting our interview with Heather Chisvin. Heather was  born in Winnipeg to Jewish parents, whose own parents emigrated from Russia to escape the pogroms there. She studied English and Philosophy at university then worked as a print journalist in Winnipeg and with CBC as producer. She moved to Toronto and became a researcher with W5. Later she again produced radio documentaries for CBC before working as  a creative director in advertising. She moved to Port Hope with her partner Kurt Palka ten years ago and published her first novel in 2018.

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Part 2







































radio documentaries. Subsequently she went into advertising as an Associate Creative director and taught advertising copywriting at OCAD before going freelance doing all the things she had been doing or years. Ten years ago she moved to Port Hope with her partner, novelist Kurt Palka. They have 3 daughters from previous marriages and five granddaughters under five. Heather  published her first novel in 2018.

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