Allison Townsend and Reva Nelson

Join us to hear about two exciting workshops being given at the Spirit of the Hills Festival of the Arts. In the first half Allison Townsend of the Firelight Bellydance Troupe in Campbellford tells us about her participation in the Festival of the Arts. October 24-26 at St Peter’s Church in Cobourg. Allison will be dancing in the Drama and Dance nights on Thursday and Friday and giving a workshop to people who’d like to try belly dancing themselves on Saturday. In the second half, we talk to Reva Nelson. An accomplished speaker, workshop leader and facilitator, Reva has inspired hundreds of people with her wit, insights and research. Well-known author of “Risk It!” and “Bounce Back” and co-author of the Masters Collection on Leadership, and two books on Speaking, clients found her sessions both practical and stimulating. Reva will give a workshop at the festival called Positive Risk Taking,  to help artists, actors, and anyone to step out of their comfort zone

Part 1

Part 2


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