Holidays: Episode 2

Please join us for the second of our holiday programmes, This time you can hear stories by Diane Taylor, Antony Di Nardo, Kim Grove and Ronald Mackay. And if you want still more variety, Gwynn and Chris  read a couple of their own favourites about the season.

Part 1

Part 2



4 thoughts on “Holidays: Episode 2

  1. Another delightful collection of Christmas readings from Word on the Hills Radio 89.7 FM! Thank you Diane, Anthony, Kim, Ronald, Gwynn and Chris. And thank you Felicity, Gwynn and Chris for putting this second of thee Christmas 2019 programmes together.

    • This is how you say it, dear Mackay, Antonio’s story is the symbol of every emigrant in the world. I enjoyed the story. I think it was narrated with feeling and that its content reached the heart of each listener.

      The intonation changes, to bring each character to life, were wonderful. Congratulations Mackay! A big hug!
      Congratulations to the program drivers and to all the participants. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for these kind words about Episode 2 of Word on the Hills Christmas broadcast, Nila. That means a lot coming from a successful writer like yourself. Abrazos!

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