Liz Torlee

This week meet Liz Torlee. Liz grew up in England and worked in Germany before emigrating to Canada in her early twenties. During her career in advertising and market research, she’s had a wide range of articles, reports and points of view published. But her real love has always been fiction. She has written short stories and poems for many years and became serious about her novel and the possibility of getting it published about five years ago. The Way Things Fall, will be published by Blue Denim Press in Oct 2020. Liz lives with her husband in Toronto. She loves reading, star-gazing, all animals and all kinds of travel.

Part 1:

Part 2:


One thought on “Liz Torlee

  1. Another fine interview. Thank you, Felicity, Gwynn and Liz Torlee.
    The Way Things Fall sounds like an intriguing and thoughtful novel.

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