Michael Croucher

Meet Michael Croucher who was born in England during the last year of WW2. His family moved to Canada in 1953 and settled in Toronto. He served in the Metropolitan Toronto Police Department for 18 years, and became a member of The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit investigating organized crime. His police experience has provided plenty of inspiration and background for his fiction. An award–winning crime writer, he has published two novels: Bravo’s Veil and Diamond Run and he is building his list of crime and mystery novels and a collection of short stories, He is also working on some memoir material. He and his wife now live in Cobourg. They have two married daughters, and five grandchildren. When not writing, he reads fiction, researches writing and reading and other areas of interest, and follows his favorite podcasts.

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One thought on “Michael Croucher

  1. I was very interested to hear how your professional life has informed your writing, Michael. A fine interview! Well done.

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