Antony Di Nardo

Antony Di Nardo has just published his fifth book of poetry, Gone Miss ng. He wrote his first poem when he was sixteen but published his first collection, Alien Correspondent (Brick Books) when he was 61. Early on in his adult life, Antony had some poetry and fiction accepted by the Northern Ontario Poetry Anthology and the Squatchberry Journal but his long career as a teacher and school administrator took him away from poetry. It wasn’t until he was anticipating and then actually retiring that he felt able to immerse himself in poetry again. Recently he wrote an article for the journal, Fiddlehead, Among the Foxgloves: Recollections of a Sexagenarian Poet so we start the programme by asking him about this.

Part 1

Part 2


2 thoughts on “Antony Di Nardo

  1. Thanks you, word on the Hills. I thoroughly enjoyed this program. Antony’s poems take us to places we didn’t expect to go, and keeps us on tenterhooks as the scene develops. He’s a beautiful writer and performer of his poems.

  2. Thanks for the discussion and your poems. Congratulations on having your poem long-listed for the CBC poetry prize.

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