Ronald Mackay

This week we welcome Ronald Mackay. Ronald Mackay immigrated to Canada in 1976 from Mexico, where he had been working in international development. He has made the transition from academic to creative writing in the years since retiring from university teaching. He has already published a memoir about working life on the island of Tenerife before mass tourism. Now he has just published his first-hand account of life behind the Iron Curtain, in the 1960s when the communist dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu ruled Romania entitled, TheKilt Behind The Curtain.

Part 1:

Part 2:


9 thoughts on “Ronald Mackay

  1. Ow, we have such a talented group—it was good to hear your voice and part of the story as I haven’t read it yet—I better get on it!!

  2. A first class interview and great readings. The book itself is a great read and I would strongly recommend it to all. Looking forward to more from the author!

  3. Dear Mackay!
    Fabulous interview!
    It is fascinating to hear part of your experiences told in your own words.
    Congratulations to this space for giving us the opportunity to share real events of loved ones.
    Nila Mendoza

    • Thank you, NIla, for being such a faithful supporter. You are right — the hosts of Word on the Hills offers regional writers a fine place to connect with others, readers and writers alike. Abrazos, Ron

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