Christopher Black

Word on the Hills talks to Christopher Black. Chris says that he’s continuing the journey that began in the UK as a working class lad brought to Canada by his parents for better opportunities and continued in steel town Hamilton as a high school and university student where he studied psychology, led student strikes, then ended up in lawschool. But all through those years he wanted to write and act. He tried to drop out of law to do that, going to acting school for 3 years and forming an acting company in Toronto that lasted 5 years but then he was forced by economics back into law. He became a trial lawyer, which was the next best thing to acting. Then spent 15 years in Europe at the international court in the Hague defending presidents and generals accused of war crimes, all the while trying to write. In the past few years, having the time to actually do it, he has produced a novel, a collection of poetry, some short stories and many political-legal essays, and when he gets frustrated trying to write even a line, he picks up his guitar to find a way through.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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