Happy Holidays 3

Welcome to our third and final holiday special for 2020. This week, you can hear seasonal stories from Felicity Sidnell Reid and Tom Pickering. Gwynn Scheltema and Christopher Black have poems for you and Diane Taylor reads a piece of memoir. Chris Cameron wraps up the programme with a short excerpt from Dickens’ Christmas Carol. All of us at Word on the Hills wish you a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Part 1:

Part 2:


3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 3

  1. Wonderful stories. Very fitting for the season, and so well written! Thank you all. Diane’s story reminded me of the time that I also wrote a thank you list to my Dad who lived in a nursing home. I taped it to the door of his wardrobe. I wanted the nurses to know that he wasn’t always this languid half corpse in a wheelchair; he had led a vibrant life of giving to others.

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