Our Eighth Anniversary

Welcome once again to Word on the Hills! And to our eighth anniversary show. In 2013 Gwynn and I made a proposal to 89-7 FM to make 12 shows about writers, editors, publishers and readers in Northumberland and began recording them in the months of experimentation as the station was set up. By February 2014 we had learnt a lot from our tutors at the station, and were able to take over production of the show. As the months and years went by, we were happily surprised to find that there was no dearth of regional writers and others involved with editing and publishing who were interested in being our guests. So this Sunday, join me, Felicity Sidnell Reid, my two co-hosts Gwynn Scheltema and Chris Cameron and our guests this week, Erin Silver, Heather O’Connor, Marie Prins and Ted Staunton who have successfully launched new books amid the challenges of 2020. After the break Shane Joseph and Kim Aubrey will be here to discuss a new collaborative project to be published in March/April, 2021.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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