Ted Barris

This week we interview journalist and prolific author, Ted Barris. Since deciding in grade school, that he wanted to be a writer, he has had a stellar career as a journalist in every kind of media and has written produced and directed numerous award winning documentaries. While teaching at Centennial College he established his reputation as a highly respected military historian and as an author of 20 bestselling books, his latest being Rush to Danger published in 2019

Part 1:

Part 2:


2 thoughts on “Ted Barris

  1. A particularly dynamic, interesting and informative interview that highlights the professional and distinguishes him from the casual. Thanks to all three of you, Ted, Gwynn and Chris.

  2. Exceptional interview. Ted Barris is an articulate speaker and writer. I had the privilege of hearing him speak on several occasions at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton. If any WOTH listeners ever have the chance, do not miss the opportunity to hear Mr. Barris in person. He is a captivating speaker.
    Thank you Gwynn and Christopher for this top-notch episode.

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