Marie-Lynn Hammond

This week we welcome Marie-Lynn Hammond for a return visit to Word on the Hills to celebrate Poetry Month and to share some of the poems she has written in the past year. Marie-Lynn Hammond is a bilingual singer-songwriter, playwright, editor, writer, and occasional poet who happily moved to Cobourg six years ago. A founding member of Stringband, one of Canada’s seminal folk groups, she’s known for her original songs, which often tell uniquely Canadian stories. A passionate animal advocate, she can frequently be found rescuing cats.

Part 1:

Part 2:

3 thoughts on “Marie-Lynn Hammond

  1. Beautiful song/anthem, Northumberland County, by Marie-Lynn Hammond. Not a dry eye, indeed. The melody, the voice, the words … thanks one and all for bringing this magic into my home this morning.

  2. Great episode. Thank you everyone.
    Beautiful song – the new theme music for Word on the Hills!

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