Dale Patterson

Our guest today, Dale Patterson loves the media, be it print, broadcast, or online. At present he is a fixture on 98-7 FM with a popular show that airs every Monday afternoon from 1-4 pm. Graduating from Ryerson’s journalism program in 1974, Dale started his 35 year career working for Canadian Press. He began as an editor in the sports department but after 11 years he moved to the radio side of CP as an editor-reporter at Broadcast News. In the ensuing years Dale moved back and forth in many departments of Canadian Press including the Business Information Wire and CP’s Editorial Service Desk, writing and editing for CP’s cable news service. He moved to CP Online in 2002 and added Broadcast News editing duties in 2004. In 2008 he added duties on the World Desk. After 35 years and seven months at CP-BN, Patterson retired from the national news agency in May 2010. Somehow Dale also found time to write books during those years, the latest Close But No Cigar: Runnerups, Nearly-Weres and Also-Rans won the Bronze Medal in Humour at the 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards

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