Ted Barris

Ted Barris decided in grade school that he wanted to be a writer. He has had a stellar career as a journalist in every kind of media and has written, produced and directed numerous award winning documentaries. He gave 18 years to teaching journalism and broadcasting at Centennial College, becoming professor of print journalism in their Centre for Creative Communication, while establishing his reputation as a highly respected military historian and author of 20 bestselling books. In 2017 Ted decided to step down from his teaching and to go back, as he said, to where he came from as a full time freelancer. Since then he has continued to write for periodicals and make radio appearances and follows a heavy schedule as a public speaker in normal times, sometimes addressing as many as 6 audiences a week. He has also continued to publish books, his latest being Rush to Danger published in 2019. Please join us.

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Part 2:


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