Ronald MacKay

Ronald Mackay visits with us again to catch us up on his most recent work. Ronald spent his earliest years in his grandmother’s home in rural Scotland in the 1940s. Like most folks in that region, he spoke both Scots and English and intuitively learned when it was appropriate to use one or the other. He was educated first at the Morgan Academy in Dundee and later, at both Aberdeen and Edinburgh universities. He was awarded a doctorate by l’ Université de Montréal for his educational research in the Northwest Territories. Like many Scots, he has made a career in countries far from his native home. He undertook development projects in education and agriculture, in many parts of the world, and has farmed in the UK, the Canary Islands, Mexico, Canada, Chile and Argentina. In 2012, he turned to more creative writing when he and his wife, Viviana, returned to Canada from Argentina. 

Part 1:

Part 2:


8 thoughts on “Ronald MacKay

  1. A delightful interview with Ron MacKay. He speaks so clearly and reads so well, every word distinct, that it is easy to follow along. When I close my eyes, I can imagine his scenes and characters vividly. His stories reveal his values without being didactic; his writing style is “show don’t tell.” Pat Calder

  2. Thanks, Ron, for another couple of charming vignettes from your unique experiences. As Pat Calder has already remarked, your voice conveys these words with vigor and concern. Your choice of words is astute and precise. The sense of characters is vivid and memorable.

  3. With the vast culture you have, you can and must create stories like the ones presented in these interviews, because in addition to enjoying them from a literary point of view, you nourish the public with aspects that are often unknown to many. Additionally, if these narrated experiences are sprinkled with the genius that you always do, it is a double gift for the soul. Really, I have enjoyed the stories; both are particularly different and marvelous. Congratulations to the hosts of the program for such a valuable initiative. Thanks, and congratulations, friend Mackay. Big hug. Nila Mendoza

  4. Your compliments always make me blush, Nila. It pleases me that a gifted writer like you enjoys the stories I have to tell and recognizes the insights I try to convey. Gracias y abrazos, Mackay

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