Judita Pamfil

Meet Judita Pamfil. Judita was born in Romania, Transylvania, Cluj of mixed Jewish, Greek. French, Romanian ancestry and grew up playing along two elongated shadows: The communist dictatorship and family accounts of the Holocaust. She studied Art History at the University of Bucharest, worked briefly as a curator at the Fine Arts Museum in Cluj and wrote poetry and prose in Romanian. She left Romania with a husband and baby daughter for Israel and left Israel for Greece as a political refugee. She came to Canada as a landed immigrant where she worked as a curator at Nexus Art Gallery, pursued further studies in Art education and French, and taught art and French with the TDSB. She continued writing poetry and prose but now did it in English. After moving to Port Hope, she self- published Moon Songs; a Selection of Poems

Part 1:

Part 2:

One thought on “Judita Pamfil

  1. Listening to Judita Pamfil’s account of how and why she writes took me right back to similar conversations I was fortunate to take part in in Bucharest in the 1960s. Always informed by a long literary tradition and by careful thought and consideration. Canadian literature greatly benefits from such writers. Thanks, Judita for the thoughts and the readings, and Felicity and Chris for the questions and observations.

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