Michael Daly

Born in Edmonton and raised in Toronto, Michael graduated in English and History at the University of Western Ontario. He worked in construction during his school days and then as a reporter, photographer and editor at newspapers in Timmins and Ajax. After he got his high school teaching certificate he taught for three years.  Then he moved to Spain where he taught ESL and learned Spanish Flamenco guitar.  Michael has travelled and read widely in philosophy, Canadian studies and religion (Western and Oriental). He has even taught Yoga.  As for writing, he has always kept a journal which now exceeds fifty-two volumes. Out of this material he has produced poems, stories and two books. The Disillusioning (published in 2007) and The Lingering Absence (published in 2022). He says he was inspired to write in an effort to fill certain gaps which lingered even though the essential pioneering was pretty much a thing of the past.

Part 1:

Part 2:

One thought on “Michael Daly

  1. Michael Daly’s novels, “The Disillusioning” and “The Lingering Absence” are the two most remarkable novels I have read in decades. They deserve to be more widely known. Thanks for the interview and the readings, Michael, Felicity and Gwynn. Michael’s exceptional work deserves to be more widely publicised and more extensively read.

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