Michael Topa

This week, meet Michael Topa, poet. Michael was born in Michigan and has lived and studied in many countries, including Canada, USA, and Afghanistan. He also travelled to India, Pakistan and Nepal. He spent four years in the United States Air Force as a Weather Observer during the Vietnam War and immigrated to Canada when his tour of duty ended, He has worked for many years as a Psycho-educational Consultant and is the co-founder and Director of Greenoaks Educational Services. He has been writing poetry for over 50 years and now a memoir, SHARDS OF GLASS.

Part 1:

Part 2:

One thought on “Michael Topa

  1. A gracious interview that gives an insight into the making of a man as well as how that man combined sensitive poetry and compelling prose to come to terms with disturbing events that shaped his life. Thank you, Michael, Felicity and Chris.

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