Cynthia Reyes and Carol Shaw

This week listen in to Cynthia Reyes and Carol Shaw talk about memoirs and the workshop they are giving at Northumberland Festival of the Arts.

Cynthia Reyes is a passionate gardener and writer, and is happiest digging around in the dirt, but she also finds time to produce her very popular blog, write several bestselling books, including  the richly illustrated Twigs in My Hair, A Gardening Memoir.   Her series of illustrated children’s books about Myrtle the Purple Turtle  which she wrote with her daughter Lauren,  have  received excellent reviews. She now enjoys reading them to her granddaughter. An award winning journalist and executive producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, more than a hundred episodes of her programs appeared on network television.

Carol Shaw lives in Warkworth and is also a passionate gardener. She and Cynthia will be giving a workshop about memoir writing, another interest they have in common, at the Northumberland Festival of the Arts on September 23rd. Carol has retired from two careers – one as an elementary school teacher, and the other as an administrator in long term care for seniors. Although Carol has written and published articles on seniors’ issues when she was working, Covid gave her the chance to finally write the memoir that she had envisioned, enabling her to share her memories with her family. 

Part 1:

Part 2:

2 thoughts on “Cynthia Reyes and Carol Shaw

  1. Thanks, Gwynn and Felicity, for asking questions about a writing process close to the hearts of memoir writers like me, and thank you Cynthia and Carol for your insightful responses. I wish I could join your workshop! It will be a valuable experience for all involved.

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