Shannon Linton & Marianne Marusic

WOTH welcomes Shannon Linton and Marianne Marusic.

Shannon Linton is a Canadian singer-songwriter, classically trained vocalist, and climate activist. After narrowly avoiding a career in opera, she began performing and recording her own songs, first with Northern Hearts (2019 CBC Searchlight Top 100) and now as a solo artist. Shannon’s debut EP, In Spite of Everything, was released on May 30. When she is not writing and singing her own music, Shannon is also one of the founding directors of the SONG program, and lives on her fifth generation family farm with her husband and two kids.

Born to Slovenian and Croatian parents and raised in Toronto, Marianne Marusic is a graduate of piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music History and Mathematics from the University of Toronto. Marianne owns and operates Metropolitan School of the Arts and teaches piano in Toronto and Cobourg. She is an Examiner with the Royal Conservatory of Music, has written a book for young children called Cougar’s Great Adventure and has organized several concerts in Cobourg over the last few years and is a frequent church musician.

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