Holiday programme 1

 This week we are presenting the first of three special holiday programmes, this one a repeat from 2019 is a prelude to two completely new shows on December 18th and Christmas Day. Today’s is filled with four stories about Christmases past and present as viewed by Shane Joseph, Linda Hutsell Manning, Allan Seymour and Les Robling. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them as you prepare for your holiday celebrations and send you our very best wishes for a happy holiday season.

Part 1

Part 2:


3 thoughts on “Holiday programme 1

  1. Thanks, Felicity and Gwynn for having Shane Joseph, Linda Hutsell Manning, Allan Seymour and Les Robling read these nostalgic Christmas stories. A Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Ron continues to amaze me and Ewa. A nicely crafted Christmas story at two levels but mainly, we thought, about a woman who had sought solace by writing finally achieving release from her grief in another way thanks to an unexpected encounter with a girl who might have been her lost daughter but instead who unknowingly offered her an escape route from her period of grieving just as the loose board in the dividing fence had allowed her, the younger woman, to step through into their shared space. We needed a second reading to get this and we discussed it for a full half hour afterwards. The serious discussion about the nature and function of art seemed initially to be a little out of place but set within the context of the mother’s experience it merged neatly with the rest of the story. Bravo from us.

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