Karin Wells

This week we welcome Karin Wells LLB, LLM, an author, journalist, and lawyer. She is also a sometime actress and worked – briefly – in a pea canning factory. Her latest book, More than a Footnote, a curious and often irreverent look at ten Canadian women who have been forgotten or ignored, has been well received across the country. Her 2020 book The Abortion Caravan: When Women Shut Down Government in the Battle for the Right to Choose” (Second Story Press) was the winner of the OHS (Ontario Historical Society) Alison Prentice Award and shortlisted for the 2021 Shaughnessy Cohen prize, Canada’s premier award for political writing. She regularly contributes to Watershed Magazine focusing on life in Northumberland, Quinte and Prince Edward County. Karin has been recognized as one of this country’s leading radio journalists. Over her career she worked in more than fifty countries making radio documentaries for CBC radio’s The Sunday Edition, hosted by Michael Enright. Her work ranged from on the ground pieces on post conflict resolution in Sierra Leone, South Africa and Mozambique: Canadian mining enterprises in Central and South America; dementia treatment in Denmark; and opera in the English countryside. Her radio documentary work made her a three time winner of the Canadian Association of Journalists Award for investigative journalism. She was twice recognized by the United Nations. In 2021 she produced her first video documentary “The Radio Warrior: – a Tribute to Margaret Lyons”. Karin Wells lives in Port Hope with her little dogs Mimi and Darwin. She is currently working on a new book for Second Story Press and a podcast for CBC Radio based on More than a Footnote.

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