Cynthia Reyes and Lauren Reyes Grange

This week we welcome back Cynthia Reyes and Lauren Reyes Grange. Her new book, Myrtle the Purple Turtle, was inspired by an experience her 4-year old daughter Lauren had at school. As with all her books so far, Myrtle originated in Cynthia’s family. Cynthia’s books for adults are about unusual homes, the people who love them, and the life events connected to these places. She is the author of the bestselling A Good Home, and An Honest House, winner of the Diamond Award for Book of the Year (2016). Her children’s picture book “Myrtle the Purple Turtle” has received acclaim from parents, teachers, librarians and most important of all, the book’s target audience: children.

Lauren Reyes Grange is Cynthia’s daughter and the recipient of the original Myrtle story. But she not only prompted the story, she is now a strong force behind the marketing of the book.She is a Toronto-based marketer with more than 8 years experience.

Part 1

Part 2


8 thoughts on “Cynthia Reyes and Lauren Reyes Grange

  1. What a wonderful interview and totally enjoyed your reading of Myrtle. Congratulations to you and Lauren. I will share your blog with my friends.
    Jessica 😘👍

  2. Both the interviews and the story are wonderful. The beauty is that imagination has been used to create an analogy/metaphor. So many books with messages for life, lack this quality. Such a shame that after all these years this is so necessary. One of my sons-in-law some 40 years ago was made to stand up in primary school to demonstrate what child chimney sweeps looked like. I do hope that could not happen in UK today.

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