Marnie Hare Bickle

Marnie Hare Bickle has been fascinated by words and music for as long as she can remember. She studied piano and voice and taught herself to play the guitar so that she could perform her own songs at school, church and community events. She wrote her first poem for her parents when she was eight years old. Her work in early childhood education sparked her interest in children’s literature and she used her own poems and songs for teaching. She still runs a music studio with ove20 students in Port Hope, but that hasn’t stopped her from  editing  the memoirs of John David Ford, a relative of her husband’s, whose long forgotten memoirs were found in the attic of her home. It’s been three years since Marnie was here to tell us about finding a treasure trove of John Ford’s papers in their attic and now her book is about to be released by Blue Denim Press.

Part 1

Part 2



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