Roma Colbert

Roma Colbert, has been a resident of Cobourg since retiring in 1999. Since then she has volunteered with the Northumberland Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity,  PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary,  Cobourg Ecology Garden and Cobourg’s Communities in Bloom Committee. She is passionate about animal welfare, the environment and her chosen community.  Roma’s interest in writing stems from her love of reading, which led to a love of words. Her desire to talk about the many community needs and animals in care she encountered through her volunteer work, led her to worry she might be monopolizing conversations.  Putting pen to paper seemed a sensible solution.  And she found she loved it.   Writing and revising and trying again, trying to paint pictures with words and in doing so, strengthening her bonds with the community and its inhabitants.

Part 1

Part 2


One thought on “Roma Colbert

  1. Roma is my mentor – truly my hero. Not only my professional career for which any of my success is due totally and completely to Roma but also for the work and love she has for our animal family and friends. Roma – you are the best and anything, anything, anything I can do for you, with you I am here!

    COMMUNITY ROCKS!! and you give back and have inspired me to take part as well – including the Kids in Our Community and how sharing all we have and giving a hands up to Our Kids.

    Big hugs Roma! you continue to inspire me HUGELY!

    Marion (your Mentee for Life)

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