Janice Gannon

Meet Janice Gannon, an accomplished horsewoman and riding instructor who has more than forty years’ experience in the industry. She began her lifelong love affair with horses as a child and later graduated from Humber College’s School of Horsemanship. An early job in the horse industry took her to the racetrack where she dived into the little known world of the backstretch, grooming and exercising horses, working on various racetracks through Canada and the United States. Ten years later, after working with a wide variety of human and equine characters, she moved on to successfully showing her own horses, and schooling others in an empathetic approach to riding and training. After earning coaching certificates in both English and Western riding, she developed a unique style of teaching that focuses on the partnership between rider and horse. TAILS FROM THE TRACK is her first book.

Part 1

Part 2


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