Marie -Lynn Hammond

This week, we are repeating a programme we made with Marie-Lynn Hammond some time ago now. Marie Lynn Hammond has worked in a great many formats over the years, writing poetry, plays, short fiction, radio essays and non-fiction magazine pieces, as well as two screen plays and she has just finished co-writing a YA novel. She is also an experienced editor. But her primary focus has always been song-writing. She with Bob Bossin, founded the folk group Stringband and she has been writing and performing her songs, to great acclaim, ever since. She released her latest CDs in 2013, entitled Hoofbeats and Creatures. Since coming to Cobourg she has produced and directed her own play Beautiful Deeds/ De Beaux Gestes, for the Spirit of the Hills’ Festival of the Arts, 2017 as well as organizing the concert for that event. And this year she is deeply involved in the second SOTH Festival of the Arts planned for October 24-26, 2019.

Part 1

Part 2

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