Thomas Gannon Hamilton

Poet and musician, Tom Gannon Hamilton recently visited Cobourg and read at the Cobourg Poetry Workshop’s Third Thursdays. Tom’s  lifelong engagement with poetry dates  from his childhood and he  first published in Blue Buffalo (Dandelion Press, 1981). Since then his poetry has appeared in too many journals to enumerate. In 2018 he won the Big Pond Rumours Chapbook competition for a suite of poems entitled El Marillo, which chronicles the poet’s experiences in war-torn El Salvador during the 1980s. An Ontario Arts Council Poet in the Schools for three consecutive years, Hamilton has recited,  read and given workshops all over Canada. He has been featured on Valentino Assenza’s CIUT radio show Howl. Tom’s books Panoptic (Aeolus House Press) and El Marillo (Big Pond Rumours) were launched on recent Canada-wide reading tours. Tom also tells us about his career as a musician.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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