Seven Years in…

This week we look backwards and forwards as we enter our seventh year on the radio. Gwynn, Felicity and Chris discuss changes in the programme since Chris has joined us as our sound man. We speak briefly about our present work and read a short piece. We have invited many authors to return to the series and talk about their newly published work and are excited to follow their successful careers.We have also enjoyed meeting writers we hadn’t met before except through their writing  and were delighted too to interview people who have struck out and are doing something different. And we end the show with three snippets from previous shows which we specially enjoyed in the past year, featuring David Newland, Katie Hoogendam and Tom Kerr. And we take a look into the future.

Part 1:

Part 2:


2 thoughts on “Seven Years in…

  1. A very interesting retrospective and prospective from all three of you. Many thanks for your fine weekly programmes.

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