J. D. Carpenter

This week we talk to J.D.Carpenter poet and crime novelist. David grew up in Toronto, earned degrees at York University and Queen’s University, taught high school English for 25 years at Leaside High School in Toronto, and ran the Special Education programme for 14 of those years. David began his writing career as a poet, publishing four books of poetry, but in 2001 he turned to writing fiction, primarily murder mysteries. The books in his first series have  a gritty racing world background but his latest is set in Prince Edward County, where he and his wife Karen now live. Between them they have five children and eight grandchildren.

Part 1:

Part 2:


2 thoughts on “J. D. Carpenter

  1. This murder mystery sounds very interesting. And I liked Chris’s suggestion that the murderer in his next book could be his agent! I’ll see if i can find Davids book at Furby House.

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