Dan Buchanan

Known as “The History Guy of Brighton” Dan Buchanan is engaged in many activities related to local and Ontario history, he is a frequent speaker to historical and social organizations, the author of three books and the founder of Brighton History Week. In 2015 Dan published his first book, Murder in the Family: The Dr. King Story His third book is being released  in August 2020, entitled The Wreck of HMS Speedy: The Tragedy That Shook Upper Canada. Dan is a founder of the annual Brighton History Week. Since 2000 Dan has done community genealogy research and provides the details at www.treesbydan.com. He has a database of well over 100,000 individuals radiating out from his own families who settled in the north end of Brighton Township.

Part 1:

Part 2:


One thought on “Dan Buchanan

  1. Another excellent programme, thank you Dan Buchanan, Felicity and Chris. It’s great to know that there are those who continue to research and promote local history.

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