S. M. Hurley

This week we are re-broadcasting a show we made a year ago with S.M Hurley. She grew up in Ottawa and at the family cottage on the Rideau Lake system, which is very much in her bones. It’s on the same lake as the Queen’s Biology station. Each summer she saw adults spending their time pottering about having a blast. She thought this wonderful, so off she went to Queens and did a biology degree, then a Masters and then began a PhD which got hijacked by her going to law school which is another story. She’s been a small-town lawyer in Picton her entire career. She’s always written, both as a lawyer and as a “writer”. BLACKWATER BLUFF is the first novel she’s let out of the gate. Along the way there was always the cottage, to which she and her partner will retire in the very near future. Then she hopes to get back to where she started, chasing birds and insects, and writing. She is now doing a final edit on her second novel and has started her third.

Part 1:

Part 2:



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