Cynthia Reyes and Hamlin Grange

Today we are re-running an interesting show we made last year with Cynthia Reyes, author of  three memoirs and the very successful series of children’s books about Myrtle the Purple Turtle that she writes with her daughter, Lauren. Cynthia has won many awards for her work in television and the community and has been inducted into the Order of Jamaica, Commander level, for her international impact on journalism. We also welcomed Hamlin Grange who provided the beautiful photographs for Cynthia’s third memoir Twigs in my Hair and has had an outstanding career as a journalist with several national newspapers and for many years at the CBC. His many awards include the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for community service and the Visionary Award from the Reel World Film Festival for his work in helping to change Canada’s media landscape. But in his spare time, you may find him wandering through his and Cynthia’s garden, or a forest, walking slowly along a country road, camera in hand, ready to shoot an interesting picture.

Part 1:

Part 2:


One thought on “Cynthia Reyes and Hamlin Grange

  1. Thanks for repeating this interesting interview with Cynthia Reyes and Hamlin Grange, Chris, Gwynn and Cynthia. I must have missed it first time round and so am happy to get this chance.

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