Library heroes 2020-2: Episode 1

Today we welcome three local librarians to discuss the challenges they’ve faced in 2020-21. Mary Norton holds an MSc from the University of London, UK, and has worked in Europe, Africa and the Middle East in a past life. Mary joined Cramahe Township Public Library in 2010 as her first and only job in Canada. She has won many government grants over these years and has overseen many changes at the branches in both Colborne and Castleton. Determined to make the libraries central to the life of the township, she has introduced a variety of new programmes for library users and expanded the services offered by the library. Brianne Parr is the Children’s Librarian/Assistant CEO at the Campbellford Branch Library. The Library has always been an essential part of her life; she had a membership at the age of 2, and began volunteering at the Library at the age of 9. and now she shares her love of reading with her young son. Patrick Muldoon is the Branch Supervisor at the Warkworth Library. He had a 27 year career as an educator, working in local schools and now devotes his time to working at the library and enjoying life in the country and on Lake Ontario. He has a degree in English Literature from Trent University.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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