Ted Staunton

This Sunday we are rebroadcasting a show we made recently with prolific author and musician Ted Staunton. Ted’s words and music have entertained audiences of all ages for many years. You’ve heard him at the Port Hope Jazz Fest, Cultivate, at the Port Hope Capitol, and venues across Canada. His books are published around the world and he has two new ones to share right now from Scholastic Canada: Friends for Real, a picture book and It Seemed Like a Good Idea…Canadian Feats, Facts, and Flubs, for ages 9-90, written with his son Will. Catch their music video about it on uTube.

Part 1:

Part 2:


2 thoughts on “Ted Staunton

  1. This was a fun interview! I got caught up in Emma’s search for a new best friend and wondered what happened to poor Squeezy. And loved the quiz about Canadians and their inventions that “Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time. ” Bravo, all.

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