Chris Cameron

This week we talk to Chris Cameron, well known to our listeners as a co-host of this programme. Chris enjoyed a successful career as a professional opera singer, retiring in 2009. A number of years ago he began a new career, as a freelance writer and editor. His first book, a memoir of his singing years, Dr. Bartolo’s Umbrella and Other Tales from my Surprising Operatic Life (Seraphim Editions) was published in 2017. In June of that year, Chris and his wife Karen moved to the banks of the Trent River in Campbellford. Now he brings his passion for the arts and his respect for the beauty and power of the written word to his editing portfolio at Watershed. He has written for and performed at Westben, produced the drama and dance evenings at the 2019 Festival of the Arts in Cobourg, and this year his one-act play Nail Polish will be performed at the Northumberland Festival of the Arts 2022. He has edited many of the interviews loaded to the festival’s website ( and continues to edit Word on the Hills and to co-host the series. His new book Thorneside Stories,(Iguana Publications) will be published on September 6th. He still marvels at his luck, ending up doing what he loves in beautiful Northumberland County.

Part 1:

Part 2:


3 thoughts on “Chris Cameron

    • If I recall, one of the chapters in my memoir is called “A Man of Small Parts,” a reference to all the minor roles I performed when I was an opera singer.

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