Pam Royl

This week meet Pam Royl. Pam has thrived on creativity her whole life, embracing visual art, ceramic art, and her latest passion, creative writing. Graduating from The Schulich School of Business, she began a long career in marketing and advertising working for international marketing companies and advertising agencies, besides taking a leadership position at George Brown College. In 2003, she retired from full time employment, started a consulting firm, and began pursuing her writing interests. Pam refers to herself as “a writer of Women’s Stories, Inspired by History” and began by capturing her mother-in-law’s story in a self-published memoir. While writing that memoir and delving into 19th century Canadian history, she was inspired to write her debut novel, The Last Secret. When she isn’t writing, Pam volunteers with local charities and arts associations, plays piano and guitar, and strolls the Northumberland Hills with Ian and their dogs.

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2 thoughts on “Pam Royl

  1. What an asset Pam is to SOTH and the Northumberland Festival of the arts. An experienced writer and novelist with marketing skills! Her claim (in the NFOTA blog) that writing provides a platform to process life experience into a shape that makes sense resonates with me. Well done, Pam, Felicity and Chris — and thank you!

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